New DND Headquarters Helps Stimulate West End Real Estate

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DND Headquarters

Most of us are familiar with the landmark "needle point building" that once housed Ottawa's largest tech company, the now fallen Nortel, located just off Moodie Drive right near the 417 Highway. This iconic building sat empty for several years after the Nortel collapse, until finally the Department of National Defence made a successful bid to revamp this large 370 acre campus into their new headquarters. - Ottawa Community News

As with many major retrofit projects, delays were inevitable, and nearly a decade into this 800 million dollar project, it is running almost 2 years behind. The end result of this 3 phase shift will see 8,500 Civilian and Military personnel being transferred to the old Nortel campus, with the end target being March 31, 2020. - Ottawa Citizen

One area that is seeing significant growth from the first phase of 3500 workers being transferred, is Ottawa's west end real estate. One month after the next, the west end districts have seen the majority of price hike growth, according to the Ottawa Real Estate Board. Coincidentally, the bottom 10 districts are located around the soon to be no longer DND Headquarters located at 101 Colonel By Drive. - Ottawa Citizen

Although it is still too early to determine exactly the influence that the new DND headquarters will have, this early evidence is a strong indicator that prices will continue to grow in the clustered communities surrounding this major new employment hub.

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